New Floral Collection 

I am excited to share with you all at last My new Floral Collection. 

Ever since I was a young girl I have loved picking flowers from the garden and pressing them, usually in-between two of the biggest books I could find. Drying and preserving them. 

I don’t think there is any one flower that doesn’t bring a sense of warmth to someone’s day, all flowers have different meanings, and some might mean more to someone than another. For me hydrangeas will always make me smile weather they are in full bloom or not, they remind me of my Grandma. 

She had them in her garden whilst we were growing up, and it was my grandma who taught me about the science of how the different soil types will affect the colour of the hydrangeas. She was an incredibly talented lady who taught me a lot and where my passion for flowers began along with my mum. 

I have kept a dried hydrangea from my grandma’s garden and wanted to do something with it before it came too fragile. Using my mixed media jewellery techniques I combined the use of silver. brass and resin to preserve the petals to create a necklace I can wear as a keepsake. 

After working with brides to create their bouquets it seemed natural to offer this service to them as a way of preserving a piece of their special day whether it be a small amount of petals, seeds or foliage from a their wedding bouquet, or a single petal from a bridesmaids poesy, a grooms button hole, or even a special flower that reminds you of a loved one or a place.

This is when the bespoke floral collection was born. 

You can view the new collection over on my shop !